cat23C-section is the surgical procedure where an incision is made in the abdomen to safely remove babies from a pregnant female when there may be signs of complications. Typically a procedure most common to canines.

First we want to reassure that this procedure should by no means bring fear or worry into any owner. Our doctors have several years experience and knowledge in this procedure. It is a very safe procedure for both mom and babies. A C-section may actually be beneficial to you and the health of you whelping canine.

We highly recommend a visit to your vet during your pets gestation,which should not go beyond 68 days. Ideally, your vet recommends x-rays and possibly an ultrasound. This should be done at or around the 45th day of gestation, not any sooner than that. X-rays and ultrasounds check for puppy size, puppy positioning and number of puppies expected as well as any clinical signs of stress on the babies or mom. During there visit the vet may be able to determine if a follow up visit is needed or if your pet is ideal for c-section or if they seem to be on the right track for a natural birth at home.

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In any case, please feel free to contact us (925) 935-4880 or stop by with your pet. We hope that our extended hours of operation may be of help to you in case of any emergency.